REPL Vigoura 5X (30ml)


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REPL Vigoura 5x

Indications of REPL Vigoura 5x

  • Vigoura 5x might help to restore the lost vitality.
  • It can give ?you actual stiffness.
  • Can be used for premature ejaculation and erection problems.
  • Men who lack energy or stamina during sex.

Composition of REPL Vigoura 5x

Withania Somnifera:???It helps in lowering the debility and weakness associated with lack of vitality. It relieves the stress and improves the immunity and energy.?

Asphaltum?:?It resets the hormonal balance, increases stamina.

Onosmodium:?Indicated for Loss of stamina, Speedy emissions. Deficient erections.?

Damiana:?It is indicated for?Lack of power, premature ejaculation, erection.? ??

Selenium:???It is indicated in complaints of?Dribbling of semen during sleep. Dribbling of prostatic fluid. Irritability after coitus. ?Semen thin, odorless, On attempting coition, penis relaxes.?

Titanium:??Too early ejaculation of semen in coitus is improved after intake of Titanium Metallicum?

Dosage/Directions for use of REPL Vigoura 5x

Adults: Orally, 20 drops to be taken twice daily in 1/4th cup of water.?